Ui HealthCare MyChart

MyChart application allows you to send and receive messages to the clinic and staff who are active with MyChart. MyChart is a secure and quite easy way to communicate and make online appointments. In covid, no one was allowed to visit hospitals other than covid patients.

At this moment when you have an emergency and don't go to the hospital, you can just make a video call with the doctor and get your prescription.  You will get messages regarding your medical health through MyChart and you will get these messages only if you have taken the treatment from the clinic.

You can access MyChart anytime and anywhere either you are walking, working, eating, or doing any house chores all you need is an internet connection. If you get the treatment from Uihealthcare you will get a lot of different options like you can sit at home and receive expert healthcare.

If you have a minor disease you can talk to your consultant through a webcam but in case of serious issues, you can get an appointment and go see your doctor. This feature is not available in all types of appointments some clinic only accepts the appointments made through MyChart. You can make appointments online by logging in to MyChart.

Sign up to MyChart

When you visit a certain clinic on your checkout you will receive an activation code with the summary of your health records. Go to the website and on the activation, form put your activation code, your medical record number, your birthdate, and your zip code.

After this information, you have to set your username and password always try to keep this information confidential. But if you are a new patient and you don't have an activation code then you can simply sign up to the website by providing some personal information such as name, address, date of birth, email address, and phone number. After that, you will be asked series of questions you need to answer those questions correctly.

Once you have been verified choose your password and username and you will get access to your MyChart account. You can even install the MyChart application on your android devices by downloading the application from the app store and log in by giving you a username and password.  

Benefits of using MyChart

MyChart application has plenty of benefits and advantages. Once you log in to the application you can access several features. Some of the befits are mentioned below.

  • Through the MyChart application, you can manage your all appointments. You can make an appointment online with your doctor. And later if you want to cancel it you can easily do so. You can even view all the past and upcoming appointments.
  • You can renew or refill your prescription in seconds without the worry of going to the hospital and then request for renewal. The Ui healthcare pharmacy will deliver your prescription to your mailbox.
  • Before you go to the hospital always answer your check-in questionnaire, they will ask you different questions regarding your health. The advantage is that when you will visit a hospital you have to spend less time at the front desk.
  • You can even keep the track of your family medical records by requestion proxy.
  • You can even view your test reports and doctor remarks on the MyChart application.