PHS MyChart

Phs MyChart is one of the best and secure applications through which you can carry out a lot of different tasks. If you are a Presbyterian patient you will have a secure Presbyterian medical record through MyChart application. You can view your medical record history and any other things through MyChart application.

You can also have access to your Family record's all you have to do is to request proxy access and you will get the medical records of your family whether they are teens or adults. MyChart application provides many different features to the user such as you can make an online appointment with your doctor no matter how busy you are you can just open this app on your device and request the appointment and you will give a date and time to meet the doctor. You can see the history of your past and future history of your appointments.

If you are a Presbyterian patient and you did not log in to MyChart application hurry up and log in today to get access o many different health services offered by this application. If you are a busy person and don't have time to go to the hospital to review your medication or time for the appointment then this application is best suited for you.  

Login to Phs MyChart

Presbyterian is a medical institute that provides different medical health services to patients. If you want to view the history of your medical records and still do not log in to phs MyChart application then what you are waiting for. There are many different tasks that you can perform just by logging in to this application. Presbyterian has 100 different clinics spread all over New Mexico.

Each clinic has over 50 specialized workers who are giving their best to meet all the needs of the patient. All these clinics are providing the best services to keep the patient as comfortable as they can. You can log in to phs MyChart with the information provided by Presbyterian.

When you visit them, they provide you with an activation code. Visit their website and put the activation code. After that, you have to set an ID and password to sign up for the account. If you want to log in to the android devices all you have to do is to install MyChart application from the app store and log in by providing the password and ID. After that, you can fully enjoy phs MyChart services.

Task you can perform

There is plenty of tasks that you can perform by logging in to the phs MyChart account.
  • You can view all your test results without going to the hospital and getting the test report.
  • You will get all the information whether it is urgent or non-urgent from your care team. You can also text them back.
  • After you visit the clinic you can view the summary and medical reports.
  • You will receive a reminder of your next appointment with the doctor.
  • You can pay your all bills such as doctor bills, hospital bills, and ambulance bills online without the need to register your VISA or MASTER Card. You can pay your bill securely through online banking.
  • You can even request proxy access to manage your family health records.