Mychart UCDavis Organization

Mychart is a secure way to access your medical records. Mychart application provides many different features to its users. To access all these features, you have to first log in to the mychart application. In this application, you can perform a variety of tasks such as communicate with your doctor make an online appointment, view test results, and much more. Just one click and your action are done.

All you need is an internet connection and can access it anywhere anytime. You can also access the mychart application on your android devices. Download the application from the play store or app store and enjoy the services.

If you don't have an internet connection then you cannot avail of the services provided by the mychart application. This application is vast you will find many different hospitals and doctors active on mychart. To sign up on mychart application your age should be 18 and above.

If you are below 18 then you can provide parent permission and login to mychart. UCDavis is a highly ranked organization in the nation and the world. This organization has skilled and professional employees who aim to provide the best services to the patients. If you want to access the services of UCDavis then first log in to mychart.

Sign up to mychart

To sign up on the mychart application you need to have an activation code. This activation code will be provided to you on your visit to one of the UCDavis clinics. If you don't have an activation code then request the care health team to provide you with one.

After putting the activation code, you have to provide some personal information such as your name, age, date of birth, address, zip code, and others. Set your password and user ID. After performing all these steps, you can now have access to all the services provided by mychart. You can also access your family medical records by requesting a proxy. After that, you have also to view your family health records.

Problems you might face

During your login to your mychart application, you might face some problems such as sometimes user forget their password no need to panic just click forget password button and reset your password. Or can face many other problems such as expired or invalid access codes. For this kind of issue, you can click on the help button and get help from the care team.

Benefits provided by mychart

  • Once you are logged in to mychart you can access plenty of services. Some of the services and benefits provided by mychart are mentioned below.
  • You can communicate with your doctor via messages and video calls. If you text your doctor, you will get a response in two or three working days.
  • You can request the prescription refill by calling the help center and request them for the prescription refill and review of medications.
  • Your test results will be delivered to you in your inbox. You don't have to make a physical appearance in the clinic to get the test reports.

How to sign up on mychart?

What is the minimum age to make an account?
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