Mychart TriHealth Organization

Tri health organization was formed in 1995 when Bethesda and Good Samaritan joined together and become one organization as tri health. These organization not only provide the medical facilities but they also organize different programs such as educational, preventive, and social programs.

This organization is spread to many different cities and towns providing its best services and awareness to the patients. All the employees in this organization are skilled and professional in their field. If you want to connect with tri health then you have to first make your account on the mychart application and then access their services. Mychart application is the secure way to view your medical record and history of your appointments.

If you want to view your family health record you can also do this. There are many different services provided by the mychart application. If you are a traveler or a busy person who doesn't have the time to visit the clinic then this application is best suited for you. All you need is an internet connection and can access the application anywhere anytime.

For example, if you have to go out of the station and want to take your medical records with you, you will not get them urgently from the hospital but you can download them from your account on mychart.

Services that you can avail

Mychart application provide many features to its user so that they can make use of them. Some of the features and services provided by the mychart application are mentioned below.

Through the mychart application, you can contact the care team and make an online appointment with the doctor. You can also view the history of all old appointments and will get the notification of upcoming appointments.

If you only want to contact your doctor then you can search for the doctor by typing his/her name in the search bar or can search them by the keyword. If the doctor is active on mychart application he will respond to you in three working days.

You can also view your family records. For this purpose, you have to request a proxy and after that, you will have access to your family medical records you can view them anytime you want.

For your test results, you don't have to make a physical appearance in the clinic to get the test reports. The reports will send to you through messages in your inbox.

For the prescription renewal or refill you can call the health care team and request them to refill your prescription.

How to sign up on Mychart?

To sign up on mychart the process is quite easy and simple. If you are a18 or above 18 then you can create your account. But if you are less than 18 then you have to give your parent permission and then sign in to the account. To sign up visit the website there you have to put the activation code.

The activation code is written on the summary of your medical reports when you visit the clinic. If you don't have the activation code then you can request the activation code from the care health team. After that, you have to provide some personal information such as your full name, age, gender, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, and zip code. Set your password and user ID and remember to keep your password confidential. After performing these steps, you can have access to all the services provided by mychart.